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    • Lead nurturing
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Our Mission
"Listening" to the market and spreading a dedicated message should be understood as a cornerstone to strengthen your brand identity and reputation. Communication should therefore be considered as an objective and not as a mere tool: the increase of a positive brand perception on the market (reputation), the interaction with your users and with the media (presence) and the resulting turnover increase in the middle to long term (which is both real and measurable) are just effects of the achievement of your objective: communicating to your target market.


SAB Communications' mission is to deliver a tangible contribution to the achievement of this objective. Be it the strategic image consultancy, the management of your media relations, the conduct of unique events or the development of a sound interaction between your company and your customers via social networks or through direct stakeholders communications and channel marketing, all we do is characterised by our infinite passion for our job and is based on synergy, transparency and credibility through expertise. Over the years this has resulted in relations of mutual trust with our customers and with the media, who perceive us as an authoritative source information and news.
In brief: our mission is to grant you maximum serenity about the successful management of your public image in whichever country you wish us to support you.


SAB Communications reserves to its customers a high degree of exclusivity. Since the beginning we've acted according to the "one brand per market" principle: the companies who entrust us with the management of their public image share with us their confidential information on company targets, roadmap, strategies and customer base. By delivering our services to only one company per market segment we can closely observe the moves of competitors and act accordingly, without incurring in any conflicts of interest: an added value which makes a difference within the plethora of "communicators" who see your company as yet another number in their accounts portfolio.


Good image management results in your brand being under the spotlight - not your PR agency! For this reason we make your idea our own and let it grow - together with you - into a true vision. If communicating is your objective, we take you there by the hand.

    A strong vision can only be defined as such, if it is successfully tested against the market.

    This is what we support you on!


    Our 20 years expertise is your guarantee of success.

    Check out our market knowledge!


    Quality is a must, quantity is nice to have.

    All that glitters isn't gold!


    The role of a PR specialist is to pull the right strings for you to be under the spotlight.

    It's not us who should be on the stage, it should be you!