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Reputation Management
Do you actually know about your true reputation on the market? Your reputation is your very first asset. If you are a company with a long history of your target market, your reputation needs to be constantly monitored and enhanced, exactly as you would do to protect and manage your critical data. As a start-up, you would need to build it up first, as a good reputation will support your sales! That is why you should manage your reputation: nowadays a simple click, a sentence on a forum or any other opinion sharing platform can highlight or defame a brand in a glimpse. As a matter of fact, recent statistics show that happy customers only seldom leave a positive reference, whereas unhappy customers (who might be very low in numbers compared to the volumes you sold) do complain, preferably very loudly and publicly.

Fact is: New potential customers do not care about "numbers"; they care about "voices".
Mockery on "epic fails", constant discrediting of a product or solution by trolls who might have been hired by the competition, bad reviews and similar comments are worst case situations, which can be solved through adequate reactive and proactive measures, but what if you did not even know about them? That is why an accurate Reputation Monitoring is key. This kind of analysis requires a high degree of expertise on where to find / read / hear what in the country you are targeting, an expertise which is not often ensured within one's own staff, particularly if you run your operations from outside the market where you wish to concentrate your efforts.

With our Reputation Assessment & Management services we deliver you a full overview about the "voices" on your brand and field-proven advice on how to improve (or, if you start from scratch, to create) your "Image".