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Strategic Press Work
Communication is a fundamental process to open up to the public. As such press work is not just a matter of information transmission to the media, but the backbone of any public relations strategy as the media are - just like your employees - to be handled as your first "leads". By entrusting us with your press activities, you benefit from the expertise of highly qualified professionals in the media communication field, with long standing relationships with the press and able to address the media in multiple ways.

Considering the major changes which have affected the press all over the world, we inform you in detail about the actual media landscape in your target country and create with you - based on the existing media and their needs as well as the message you would like to convey - a communication plan, to grant interesting coverage: we take care of every aspect of the relationship with the press, from the production of press releases to launch or consolidate a brand, up to opinion articles, from the management of press tours to the organisation of press conferences, if journalists appreciate such events in your target country. These are just some of the elements which make “communicating” an active process.
We build up and maintain a personal relationship with the media providing them with ad hoc material on your products or solutions and services according to the needs of the different journalists or bloggers.

In order to reach a larger number of readers we do not only use our rich and qualified journalists' database, which is customised for each client and which is constantly updated, but we also deploy all instruments of modern publishing including viral communications like the posting of articles on nanopublishing sites, on popular blogs and on social media, including feeds for instantaneous news updates.

SAB Communications snc offers its press relations services, including press monitoring at international level, through a sound and effective network of media specialists which has been consolidated over the years. Be it Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Middle East, where we communicate directly, or other Central European countries / Benelux / France / Spain / UK / USA, which we serve through our long standing partners, we bring you under the spotlight in your target country.