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Regardless of your country of origin, when you start your international activities, you often have to struggle with different languages. Don't rely on the idea that English is enough for all: The statement "all business is local" refers to the language too, particularly if you need to address a broader public for branding purposes. As a matter of fact, English press releases or communications are ignored by media and partners in countries with a different mother tongue, and your target, i.e. basically the end user, definitely prefers to speak and read information in his own language.

Localizing your contents should be a key strategic element of your international business development plans. This is a task which should not be underrated, as it is way more resource consuming than you might originally assume: effectively localised (not just translated) texts corroborate the perception of your company as a competent partner, which is a very important asset in the process of building a foundation of trust within your user community. 
As business is actually done by people, the easier it is for your customers to learn about your company and products, the faster they will act as multipliers by sharing their user experiences. Deploying the locally used language is therefore essential to your success. SAB Communications can support you with this task. Through our network of specialized translators (native speakers) and our personal skills we are in a position to produce / translate / proofread texts of any kind in all European languages, by evaluating and adapting the contents to local trends and habits (e.g. if the introduction to your press release / whitepaper / opinion paper or other content includes data or trends having an impact in your home country, we substitute these, as otherwise the content would be locally irrelevant).

Localising is a matter of language competence and expertise about your target market. If you are considering internationalisation, don't forget the language "issue". Should you lack the needed resources for effective localisation, you can definitely count on us!